WOD 2-27-15

Shoulder Mobility Work

Warm up
3 Sumo-Deadlift(form-hip extension)
1 Sumo Deadlift High Pull

3 Shoulder Press
3 Push press (30% more)
3 Push/ Split Jerk (30% more)

WOD 2-26-15

Warm up
5 minute AMRAP
2roll up complex
10 standing internal and external rot (shoulder mobility)

12 pushups
12 Toes to beam
12 Hip Extensions
12 Situps
12 Lunges each leg

Bear crawls

WOD 2-25-15

Fran AND Karen

Everyone participating in the Spring15Challenge come ready to weigh in today and we will spend some time reviewing nutrition and getting recipes to help you reach your goals in the next 15 weeks!

WOD 2-24-15

Warm up

12 min AMRAP
8  Dead Rows
10 Rebel rows

12 min AMRAP
8 Bench Press
20 Ball Slams

12 min AMRAP
8 Deadlifts
30 Mt Climbers


Due to inclement weather, there will be no Omada CrossFit classes meeting this evening or tomorrow morning.
Classes will resume at noon tomorrow, February 24.
Thank you see you then!

WOD 2-23-15

Kipping pull up break down

Skill WOD
3 Rope climbs
1 Monkey Bars
5-10 DU
1 Handstand Walk
1 Muscle up
3 Kipping Pull ups